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Une belle idée à réaliser avec les planches perforatrices!


voici une belle création trouvée sur le site internet de Stampin'Up! Une carte réalisée avec les planches perforatrices! Une superbe idée pour réaliser des fonds de cartes uniques et personnalisés!

En utilisant ces planches, vous pouvez créer les motifs que vous voulez en utilisant les divers gabarits de perforation!

Cliquez sur l'image pour consulter le tutoriel pour réaliser une carte avec cette technique!

Voici le tutoriel trouvé sur le blog de Stampin'Up (

Technique Tuesday – Piercing Pattern

Are you a fan of our paper-piercing tools? I know I am. I love that the templates are a quick and accurate way to add a bit of pattern and texture, and that they are designed to coordinate with so many of our punches and Framelits Dies.
The Essentials Paper-Piercing Pack has all of the basics. I used the template with the straight lines and the scallops to make my project, but I didn’t want just straight lines or scallops. I wanted the background of my card to be circles.

I could have used the template with the circles on it, but that would have been tedious and a bit more difficult getting the same circle lined up over and over again. Instead, I used the biggest scallop to make my circles.
Here’s how I did it:

  1. Draw a line down the center of your cardstock with a pencil, then line up the holes at the tips of the scallop along the line and pierce the scallop.

2. Rotate your paper 180 degrees and line up the scallop on the template with the pierced scallop on your paper. Pierce the scallop to complete the circles.

3. Line up the pierced holes with the template as shown above and pierce the scallop to start the next row of circles. Rotate your paper 180 degrees again and line up the template as shown in step 2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you’ve filled the entire piece of cardstock with pierced circles.

4. Your cardstock should look like this when you’re done. Erase your pencil line and attach it to a card base; embellish your project as desired.
Have you created any other patterns with the piercing templates? Share a link to your projects. I’d love to see what you’ve been creating!
Melody H.
Concept Artist

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